WMF International Roadshow - CZECH REPUBLIC

PRAGUE | APRIL 19, 2023

The WMF International Roadshow lands in Czech Republic!

WMF - the Largest Digital Innovation Festival on the Planet - organizes the biggest Italian Startup Competition and several educational and entertaining events that attract participants, creative thinkers, corporates, NPOs, leading players and innovators from all over the world. Next edition of the WMF will be held in Rimini on 15-17 June 2023.

To further promote cooperation, spread digital innovative culture, boost entrepreneurship, and enhance the creation of a worldwide innovation ecosystem, WMF has designed the International Roadshow - a project composed by satellite events that aim at creating an international network where idea-sharing and cooperation merge together to find cutting-edge solutions to global issues. 

In this framework tthe WMF will land in Prague (Czech Republic) for the second time. This time with a WMF International Roadshow event in collaboration with the Italian-Czech Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Training sessions, educational and inspirational speeches, live shows and a Startup Competition will alternate in an event that will address major topics of the digital innovation spectrum as well as societal needs and global goals. 

The event will be free of charge for participants to attend, enjoy us!

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WMF International Roadshow

Czech Republic | Prague

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